Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs

We seem to have destroyed everything Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. It’s awful just to think about what the next generation is going to be born into – total mayhem created by mankind, destruction, pollution, environmental degradation. We’ve eaten up most of our resources and there’s going to be nothing left for people 30 years down the line.

Our only hope remains in the fact that the human brain can come up with some brilliant scientific solution to the problems its genius has created in the first place. Alternate sources of energy, pollution free products and the like.

Electricity seems to be one of the areas that use up maximum amounts of energy and it doesn’t come as a surprise. But not to worry, the ingenious mind of mankind has already come up with environmental safe, energy efficient, recyclable lights bulbs, also known as LED light bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs, that a majority of us use today, are quite inefficient. They produce light by channeling electricity through a thin filament, thereby producing a lot of heat. Over 90% of the power is converted into heat and very little of it actually converts to light energy. LED bulbs on the other hand, convert 90% of the electricity into light energy. They use light emitting diodes instead of filaments as a source of illumination. For all those people who are bothered about their ever rising electricity bills, you save up to 80% by using this technology; and for all those of you who care about the environment and how we’re killing it, you save a lot of power.

LED bulbs are known for their life expectancy – a mind blowing 50 thousand hours, as compared to an average of 4 thousand hours for the more common bulbs we use. In effect, you save on replacements too.

As the world gets more and more aware of the irreplaceable damage that the wasteful human has caused to the environment, many countries are making laws that don’t permit devices that don’t meet certain efficiency standards cannot be sold at all. It’s high time individuals and enterprises started thinking about it themselves. The best thing is that the technology is already available; we just have to do away with the tradition of wastage and make sure we reduce carbon footprint and try and do something about global warming.

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