GU10 LED Light Bulbs

Among the different types of LED lighting found in the market nowadays are GU10 Led bulbs. Similar to other types of Led bulbs, these bulbs are composed of several smaller LED lights anchored in one solid fitting. The GU10 prefix stands for the particular type of fastening of the light bulb and is basically the standard bayonet mount used in most commonwealth countries like the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Common applications of GU10 Led bulbs are showrooms, office spaces, shops and other commercial spaces where both style and efficiency matter. One of the reasons behind this is the higher emission of light per watt in LED bulbs compared to incandescent light bulbs. Therefore GU10 led bulbs result in lower energy costs while maintaining a higher quality of light.

Other features of LED bulbs add to their popularity in the commercial and retail sector. The LEDs produce considerably less heat and LED bulbs can easily be fitted in the floor or other places within reach of people without disturbing or causing danger. Evidently, while producing less heat than the traditional light bulbs, Led bulbs again save more energy.

When several LEDs are organised together, like in GU10 LED bulbs, they allow diffusing of light in several colours at the same time. That is because LEDs don’t need a colour filter to produce coloured light. They thus provide a wide colour spectrum to interior designers and allow atmospheric light combinations in commercial premises.

Often referred to as ‘bulbs of the future’, LED light bulbs also offer an environmental friendly alternative to traditional fluorescent light bulbs. They do not only contain 0% of the Mercury found in most other lamps but also work significantly longer. Despite the obvious benefits of LED lighting, the adoption and rise of GU10 LED bulbs has only started off recently and this type of lighting has a promising future ahead.

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