The Advantages of LED Light Bulbs

Undoubtedly, LED light bulbs are the future of household as well as industrial lighting due to the many advantages they have over the infamous incandescent light bulbs.

1. The lifespan of LED light bulbs is estimated to be about 100,000 hours, which is around 11 years of continuous operation! Now, compare this with an incandescent light bulb that has no more than 5000 hours of life. Really, no match! So, if there’s a place at your premises that is routinely hard to access but needs lighting, you know what to do – just install an LED light bulb of adequate output and forget about replacing it for a couple of decades or even more!

2. The increased lifespan of LED light bulbs also translate into savings worth thousands of dollars on a single light point during the next couple of decades. A single LED light bulb may be costlier than a single incandescent light bulb but the true cost is in the number of replacements required in case of an incandescent light bulb.

3. Savings in terms of power consumption is a major highlight of LED light bulbs. An incandescent light bulb operates at a mere 20% efficiency while an LED light bulb operates at around 80% efficiency, i.e., an LED light bulb converts close to 80% of electrical energy into light energy compared to just 20% in case of incandescent light bulb. This, in turn, leads to handsome savings in your electricity bills if you completely transform your lighting needs from incandescent or halogens to LED.

4. LED light bulbs are eco-friendly, unlike the filament-based incandescent light bulbs. They contain no Mercury and can be recycled without damaging the environment.

5. Unlike halogens or incandescent bulbs, the LED light bulbs produce only light and no heat (Heat is totally undesirable and a necessary evil if you are an incandescent light user). Moreover, LEDs do not produce any damaging UV radiation. Thus, by using LED light bulbs, you are contributing your bit towards controlling global warming by limiting the CO2 emissions.

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